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Scrivi una recensione cliente. After having this for about 4 months, through winter mind you, the sun seems to have melted off the base. I use it maybe 2 times a month and do not have my phone it in when not in use.

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In winter while the sun is not shining its brightest, this melted off. I now cannot return this which is frustrating.

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I bought this in March It worked well for about a month or two, but then the suction cup started coming off more frequently. I followed the instructions and rinsed it with some warm water then let it air dry. This helped for a little while, but then it would keep falling off as the weather got warmer. Once summer rolled around, there was no point in even attempting to stick it back into place. Eventually, even the pad came unglued from my dashboard because of the heat.

This unit now closes and opens much smoother than the 3 did and is overall a much better design. The size of the actual unit is a lot smaller now but still works perfect with our Note 8 and iPhone X both in cases. The adjustable foot has also been much improved and locks in place better now. I've included some pictures showing the box and contents. Also a couple pictures of the 4 and 3 side by side. A little annoying bad.

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Overall, nice product that solves a problem. I got this because I was sick and tired of my phone not having a dedicated spot in the car. There are things I like, and things I don't like: No problems at all - The suction cup holds to the windshield tighter than a scared 3 year old - The extended arm doesn't really 'bounce' at all. Rock steady I Don't Like: It really does not hold to the dash. Yes, I prepped the dash. Yes, I followed the instructions.

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And, NO, it doesn't hold the dash very well but see above regarding the windshield! The arm is plenty long to put the phone where I want it, but it does block the vision a bit in the center of the windshield. Annoying, but you get used to it. I get it done well enough, though.

That's about it - I haven't seen anything out there that I would prefer, and I would buy again. This works perfectly with my iPhone 8 plus with a phone case on.

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Secure fit and its easy to attach and remove. I opted to not use the sticky base when I saw reviews about removal damaging the surface. It holds tightly just using the suction directly on dashboard.

I'm so pleased with purchase after buying one previously from a different brand that was horrible. The phone was never safely fitted and popped out often and I couldn't keep my case on it. Si è verificato un errore nell'aggiornamento della pagina. Ti preghiamo di riaggiornare la pagina. Solo i risultati rilevanti. Visualizza tutti i risultati per iPhone 8 Plus. Promozione disponibile Promozione disponibile Promozione disponibile Promozione disponibile Promozione disponibile Promozione disponibile Promozione disponibile Promozione disponibile Dettagli.

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